Why Wear Vintage?

Petite Fille de Gaze, Gossamer Gang, LLC 2013
Petite Fille de Gaze, Gossamer Gang, LLC 2013


Why Wear Vintage?

Anything can be collected and revered.  Like most new things, clothing and type lose their value as soon as they leave the store.  However savvy collectors who have kept their pieces in good condition over a period of time, are rewarded with increased value.  When you have the real deal, the Antique or Vintage piece, there is no comparison.  Ask any classic car buff.

In nearly every domain, we have seen trends come and go, and come again.  Some of us have expensive, or eclectic taste.  What better reason to Re-Cycle, or buy second hand!

How many times I have scored on magnificent items, just because a person wore it before me, on one or two occasions.  This especially pertains to rare, one-of-a-kind, or controversial items, like fur.  There are probably enough furs already in the world, to give one to every person that would even want it.  I can wear and loan, the same fur, for at least another 30 years, when cared for properly.

For this reason alone, it seems like a good practice to take care of our “stuffs,” so we may be able to enjoy them throughout our lifetime.  If we are conscientious, then these same items may be passed down generations for the enjoyment of others, with less impact on the environment, and your purse.

Gossamer Gang

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