Tuesday : Orphan V

A stunning sheer deep plunge 70s Surplus Blouson with jet black and silver bugle beads, and silver sequins, form an abstract pattern over the entire dress.

Three quarter length Kimono sleeves, with shoulder pads for structure.

Two tier fitted waist, over a fluttering Asymmetrical hem.

Pair with black or silver heels to keep it in era, or try some contrasting sneakers, or stiletto boots, to make it more modern – I will wear my high-top Chuck-T’s with just about… well, anything!

*Remember you can Rent This Dress, or any dress you see on our blog!  Send an email to the link in the above text, or visit Gossamer Gang

Orphan V, Gossamer Gang, LLC 2014, BLAS001
Orphan V, Gossamer Gang, LLC 2014, BLAS001

Gossamer Gang

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